Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Austin's First day of Preschool

So we got a call from the school district late last week that stated that there was a spot open in one of their preschools.  Unfortunately it is not the preschool that is one mile up the road but rather a 25 minute drive one way.  Blah.  For someone that works from home, taking two hours off everyday to drive back and forth really stinks, luckily and hopefully Joe will be able to pitch in and help out with picking her up on some days.

With a very sour attitude (just ask Joe, he's been in trouble for days now...for absolutely nothing), I dropped her off today at Preschool.  She will go Monday through Thursday, 12:15 to 3:15...which means we moved lunch to 11 and moved up Little Goose's nap to fit in between those times.  Goose and I dropped her off and both cried the whole way home (luckily she couldn't see me thanks to my sunglasses) and then we both continued to cry while Tyler was trying to take a nap and I was trying to repair a web server.

Just the thought of someone else teaching her and exploring with her is heart wrenching.  I suppose this is one of the side effects of being an at home mom.  Sigh.  This too shall pass.  But for now I remain excited though it is fake and Austin is ecstatic.



Anne said...

Well, at least Austin looks super happy and excited. I balled and cried the whole day of Charles' preschool orientation!!

Daniel Smith said...

The first day is no fun for anyone but the child. My thoughts were, "What are we doing?! She's only 4!!" but my oh my I can't believe the little time she's been there how much she's learned, despite ME trying to teach her at home. Those people who are truly called to be teachers have a great gift for it! Annnnnd it helps that you guys are amazing parents and have a fabulous little girl on your hands! Go Austin!!!