Thursday, October 31, 2013

Playing Catch Up

It seems that all I do is play catch up these days.  Austin's school is a 25 minute drive one way from our home and when I first thought about it, it didn't seem that bad.  But now that we are almost through week two I can say that some days I am at a dead sprint all day and never catch up.  I am trying to harness my inner super powers and not get frustrated but it sure is hard.  I have raised the girls since birth at home without much of a schedule and have worked from home for over 7 years with the same flexibility, but now twice a day I have to be somewhere early waiting outside the door...a very different world indeed.  Austin sure does love it though which brings the sane part of my brain back off the ledge.

The cats managed to catch this specimen and leave it for us on the garage stairs, of course as fate would have it they didn't kill it so Joe got to walk it around the house and let the girls play with it.  I ran in sheer terror and begged Joe not to throw it at me, who then exasperatedly stated again and again that he wouldn't "throw" it at me.

We went to our friend's Halloween party this last weekend, we have managed to never miss one of their parties even though we leave much earlier now with the girls.  Here's a snap of some of the people at the party and the girls in their witch costumes.

We bought pumpkins for carving over a week ago but as stated previously have run out of time.  I finally sat down last night and carved all four so they didn't go to waste while Joe had to work late.  Aren't those "Hello Meow's" cute?  And as it turns out, carving your name in a pumpkin is much harder than I had anticipated.


Daniel Smith said...

Awww they are so cute! The girls in their costumes too. And I know the catch up game well, although I'm usually losing.

Anne said...

Love all the pictures!

And I totally agree - learning to adhere to someone else's schedule once more is definitely one of the biggest adjustment when a kid starts school!!!