Thursday, May 9, 2013


Last Friday without a major hitch we sold our house.  We were supposed to close on our next house that afternoon but hit a snag.  Several years back Sears charged my credit card for a credit monitoring service and by the time I found out about the charge the payment was late so I disputed the charge and the lateness of it.  Sears agreed and took it off my credit but the dispute was never marked as closed.  So when they pulled my credit one last time before the Friday close it showed that I had a dispute sitting there, it instantly stopped everything while my credit was being updated.  Apparently during the big mortgage crisis everyone would charge up their credit cards and then dispute all of the charges and it would appear that they didn't owe as much.  My Sears card has been paid off for years and we don't ever use it for anything expect major purchases, appliances and what not.  So it didn't even dawn on us to look into it before this.  Here we are one week later and have a scheduled closing this afternoon if nothing goes wrong.  I have lost much of the optimism that I once had and I am sure will stay sick to my stomach until we get moved in.  We have been living at Tadd's house which has been great, the girls think we live with super heroes...what with being around Uncle Wells and Nate all the time.  Of course I spend most of my day attempting to repair whatever the girls are breaking or destroying, a house with two single guys living in it is much different than a family house with two toddlers.  Here's hoping we are no longer homeless at 2PM today.

Then on Saturday morning I got a call that my Dad took a turn for the worse over night.  He has been bed ridden for years now but otherwise was in good shape but was now having trouble breathing.  When I got down there the chaplain was at his house doing final prayers so I text Tadd that he needed to get over there.  We both sat there helpless watching my Dad take his final breaths.  No one will ever be able to explain to me why it was more humane to "put" Moose down but yet I had to watch my Dad suffocate.  It was all I could do to keep my legs under me.  And in true death fashion as the days tick by I remember less of the times that I could have choked him and more of the times with him and my siblings hunting and fishing.  Tadd and I were talking and if the one silver lining from the house purchase not going through on Friday afternoon was the fact that I was around my cell phone rather than moving when I got the call and that we all got to spend the next few days together rather than alone.

Last night while making posters for our lost cat (she got out over here at Tadd's and we can't find her) Joe walked around the corner and assured me that if I can hold it together for just a bit more that when we move in I can cry my sorrows away in a bath of beer and wine.  I am holding out for that.

Just look at that Super Hero and his girls, they pretty much HAVE to be sitting next to him if he's around.

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