Monday, April 29, 2013

Broken Toe

You wanna know what slows packing down?  A toddler breaking her toe.  Poor little Tyler was out in the backyard while we were taking a break from packing, she was carrying around a large rock and I heard Joe say "be careful Tyler that's heavy" and then a lot of expletives as he picked her because she had just dropped it on her big toe.  We debated on taking her into the ER and decided that they wouldn't do much other than scare her so we skipped it and she has developed quite the little limp to get by.  Every now and then she still hits it or her big sister runs over it with her big wheels (that actually happened yesterday, which I can't imagine how bad that would have hurt).  So packing was slow and snuggles were plentiful since she was just so darn sad at first.

So here's the toe right after it happened.  Doesn't look like much but she wouldn't walk on it.

 By the next day you can see the bruise really setting in.
 And here it is this morning, poor little thing.

And just in case you wanted to be's our living room?!?!?

And our garage...jealous yet?  Looks like fun huh?


Anne said...

Awwww poor Tyler!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby!!!