Thursday, May 30, 2013

Holy Sickness....

Holy sickness Batman.  So the girls caught some stomach thing last week which lasted two days and then two days to recover.  Now they both have what sounds like emphysema.  While I hate sickness for the obvious reasons, the crankiness that comes with it has got to be my least favorite currently.  This Mama right here is done with it.  I think I will just lock them in their room until they can be nice, the whining and crying and fit throwing is just about all I can take.

Oh yeah and did I mention that right after I hit "Publish" on that last blog I heard Joe say to Austin, be careful don't get going too fast...just then I look outside and Austin is on her bike flying down our driveway.  I said some very choice words and ran out there just in time for her to completely wipe out.  Luckily she was wearing her helmet so her hands are scrapped up and her forehead has a new helmet raspberry across it.

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Laurasuz said...

I'm glad their feeling better but the crying and whine just will drive you mad, couldn't it?! Annabel will ask a question and even when the answer is yes will STILL freaking whine...throw us mama's a bone here little ones@