Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We had a busy weekend.  First Jim and Lisa got here on Thursday so we could all go to Helen's graduation on Friday.  We finished up some of the house stuff on Saturday and then my Dad's memorial was on Sunday followed by a BBQ here at the house yesterday.  Oh yeah and I am now the very proud mother of a 4 year old. :-)

Helen's graduation was amazing, they started with the Doctoral candidates and all I could think was what a huge sacrifice it must take to make it to that level.  Then all the Master's degrees went, the speaker asked of all of the students three questions and if they answered yes to any they were to stand up...who among them was a first generation college graduate, who worked throughout their degree and lastly who volunteered.  I don't believe anyone was left sitting.  Bottom line college is different now, you bust your ass during the school time and afterwards since times are leaner...or at least they seemed so from the standing crowd.  The President of the University gave a speech and one of my favorite lines was "If you care less about the credit and more about the job you will get much further in life."  I loved that quote.

Here's some of the pictures from the graduation.

Look at that goofy near 2 year old.

And super silly New 4 year old!  Both girls sat through the two and a half hour presentation without hardly a fuss.  Aunt Lisa asked how that was possible and I told her it's because they both know that at any given moment if they misbehave I will yank them out of here by there hair embarrassment or not.

There's the Master's Graduate with her two cheerleaders.

Helen's roommate Jose and the girls.

My Dad's memorial was at my family's old homestead site, both of my grandparents ashes are scattered there as well.  It was an amazing BBQ in the mountains with family friends and a ton of photo albums.  We sat around in the sun reminiscing of fishing trips and the fact that no Wells can ever pronounce anything correctly the first time around.  I told Joe that while I plan on living forever...just in case I don't...that's what I want.  No tears, no buildings...just family/friends and laughter.

We decided that it was time for Austin to have a Big Girl bike, now that's she 4 and all.  Wow...I have a 4 year old.  I sent off her pre-school application last week, very begrudgingly.  I wish upon wishes that I could keep her safe and sheltered all of her life but we all know that the more I hold on tightly the more she will grow and push away.  Sigh.  

Look at that Big Girl!  And my new badass riding lawn mower in the background.


Anne said...

Well our gift is obviously going to be late but happy birthday to sweet Austin!! I love her bike!

Ah yes! Fear of the consequences is often the most effective parenting tool at this age!!! But still 2.5 hours is really impressive!

Laurasuz said...

Man she looks old!! Can you believe it, 4 years old?! What preschool did you choose?

I'm with Anne, birthday gift(s) on the way!

I'm glad your Dad's memorial was good. I remember Grandpa Di Fabio's being just as your describe....so much laughter.