Tuesday, May 21, 2013


So we obviously got all moved into our new place and while the first night was really hard for me (I have the WORST buyers remorse) every morning since then has been getting more and more wonderful.  The girls love seeing deer and trying to sneak up on bunnies.  It's like we moved them clear out into the country even though Wal-Mart is 12 minutes away.  We decided to keep the girls sharing a room both because I think it helps with their bond and their feelings of safety.  I think that's part of the reason why moving into this new house hasn't been hard on either of them...they both have each other so everything feels some what normal.  Here are some pictures of our new home. :-D

The girls room, and both girls getting ready for nap time.

The other side of the girls room, with the changing table in the closet.
 The playroom, we managed to fit our old couch in here and the girls love all the space.
 We found those Pinocchio pictures in one of the storage lockers that we bought, I never had a place for them but that room (with the crazy black and red paint) works perfectly.
 The guest room (can you tell the lady that used to live here was an art teacher...she can do some amazing things with paint.)
 Joe and I's room.
 Our bathroom in our room.
 The walk-in closet in our room.
 The main bathroom.

 The living room complete with Joe's favorite piece of furniture the new sectional.
The front door and the wall to the basement stairs, we decided to make it our "sayings" wall.

 My office.
 The view from the other side of my office as you can see it is right next to the front door exactly where I would have chose it to be.
 The formal dining room.
 My kitchen, the picture does not do it justice as to how large this thing is.
 My favorite room in the house, the breakfast nook.  You have a complete view of the entire back part of the property from here.
 The back porch.
 Looking down into the flower beds and grass.
 The half bathroom just down from the kitchen.
 The laundry room next to the half bathroom.
 Joe's workshop off the back end of the garage.
 What home wouldn't be complete with a putting green and some horse shoe pits?
 Looking down the back path and the cubby for the BBQ.
 The stream and pond, you can't see them but we just got the prettiest Koi fish EVER.
 The view out the back park of the property, we own as far as you can see through the woods.
 The front meadow area of the property.
 The front of the house, every room but ours has those pop-outs for the windows.
 The driveway.
 The basketball hoop and of course the boat.
 A roughed in room in the basement I am using for storage.
 The area of the basement that Joe would like to eventually turn into the wet bar.
 Jeep parking place and the walk out sliding glass door.
 Look at all that space....that small spec off in the distance is a couch. :-)
 The whole house is heated by radiant heat, so there are these gray pipes running throughout the floors to heat everything via hot water.  System looks complicated to me.
 The only room in the basement that is somewhat finished.  We would like to complete this room and turn it into a Mother-In-Law apartment for guests. 


Anne said...

Oh thanks so much for taking the time to share the pictures!!!! It looks wonderful, and I really hope it's not too terribly long before we get out there to see it in person. There's so much to comment on...I LOVE that you have a Koi pond! That's awesome! I'm so excited for your girls to be living "in the country". Just congrats you guys. It's looks lovely!

Laurasuz said...

I love all the pop out windows! I was going to ask if they're in every room. Everything looks PERFECT!!! I love your sign wall too, very well done! I can't wait to see it - I have to call Joe today. I know one MIL that will love that little space. I'm so happy for you all!

Noel Fabian said...

Your new place looks wonderful! Hope you're settling in well. Love the woods and all the "run around" space in your yard! Congrats! :)

jlynn said...

It looks beautiful!! Can't wait to see it... hope you're settling in okay. Looks like a dream!