Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

We hosted a Mother's Day BBQ at our place yesterday.  My Aunt and cousins came over along with my brothers and sister.  I guess I had completely under-estimated the situation until I heard the excitement in my Mom's and Aunt's voices.  It has been since us cousins were small children that we were all together in one place (minus my oldest cousin in New York).  We smoked a couple pork shoulders that ended taking too long since it was freezing outside, so lunch was served just a bit late but we were having a blast with all the babies running around.  Here's some pictures my Mom took.  Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there.

My Mom's grand-babies!

Little Miss Tyler Mae, look at that cute little face!

Tyler just woke up from a nap and with a whole house full of guests she wouldn't let anyone hold her except us for a while.

My brother and my cousin Mike, you can definitely see the resemblance there.

My new niece Karson and my brother in law Larry.

The whole family, minus Tyler who HAD to take a nap and Danny who was still in New York.

Helen and Tyler hanging out waiting on the pork, wearing the fancy new leis that cousin Jen brought the girls from Hawaii.

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Anne said...

It's neat to see a picture of your whole family. Your brother and your cousin look a lot alike!!