Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lil' Bit's 1 & Baby Girl's 3!

And I feel older by the second watching how fast they grow.  They already interact so well and attempt to play together.  It's really too cute for words.  Poor little bit has been having a rough day though, I just threw away the last of the frozen milk, tossed the pacifiers and heaven help me if I can make it to the Red Sea tonight I will bury my pump at the bottom of it.  Tyler is definitely attached to her pacifier and spent a good part of an hour crying in order to fall asleep for nap (and I hear her in there again crying...obviously going to be a super restful nap), Austin at one point looked at me and said I would prefer it if sister could just have her pacifier.  I smiled and said yes I know, mostly because they share a room but it was still sweet of her.  We are planning on having their party probably next weekend, it seems like time just fills up too fast and we catch ourselves in a whirlwind of stuff to get done.

Austin playing with her elf doll waiting for the good cartoons to start in the morning.

 Tyler AKA Tank...enjoying some of the birthday cake that Grandma gave to Austin.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the little girls! What days are their birthdays on? Love the photo of Tyler with cake!