Monday, June 11, 2012

The girls birthday party.

So far it's really nice to have the girls' birthdays so close, I am sure one day they want to do their own separate things but for now it's much easier.

Helen testing out the new picnic table that Marmee and Papa got for the girls.

The birthday girls sharing some water waiting for people to start showing up.

The Elmo cupcakes that I made for their party, my fingernails are still red from the amount of food dye I had to use.

The Hello Meow romper that Helen got for Austin.

The pretty blue hat from Anne.

 The awesome people puzzle and Austin telling Joe all about the people in it.

You can't hear what Austin is saying to me but she is walking the beads up and giving them to me and letting me know that she will not stick them up her nose. :-)

Singing Happy Birthday to the girls.

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Anne said...

haha!!!! I'm glad Austin doesn't plan to stick the beads up her nose!!! Too cute! Thanks so much for the pictures. Looks like you guys had beautiful weather for the party. Yay!