Monday, January 31, 2011

Too many pictures...

Austin at The Little Gym. We take her there on Mondays for "gymnastics class", I put that in quotes because it is really just semi-organized chaos.

Austin being a goofball in between some of the bars.

It was entirely too nice to be at work on Friday, my parents happened to agree so we all took the day off and went to the Pueblo Zoo. It was sunny and 75 degrees, not quite January weather but that's why we all love Colorado. In this picture Austin is calling Grandma like you would a dog and patting her "comon' Grandma catch up". And you can totally tell that my belly is getting bigger everyday and I definitely think it's bigger this time around than with Austin.

Austin could only be bothered by each animal for a couple of minutes before Little Miss Independent had to move on.
Grandpa helped her get up on that camel which totally made her whole day.
Here we are eating Mexican food before the Zoo, Austin's new favorite thing is anything "spicy". I think she sees it as some sort of challenge.
Austin and Grandpa petting the metal bears.

Looking at the big hairy cows.

Me trying to convince Austin to look at Grandma instead of me.

She loves any place without boundaries where she can just run around (preferably without hills so she doesn't fall).

Holding Grandpa's hand to make it over the bridge.


LauraSuz said...

There can never be too many pictures of Austin! I love the last one the best. So sweet...

Anonymous said...

that girl's gonna be in movies...mark my words