Thursday, January 20, 2011

A whole bunch of nothing...

Sigh***well I just got the call that went on to say that I was not affected by the layoffs. Always nice to hear that, kind of sets the tone for a kick ass weekend. Although I did get hit up by a recruiter yesterday but of course it would be a job that I would not do while sitting in my yoga pants, glad that I can continue to raise my girls and hang out listening to the Today show. :-)

Austin went to her first session at The Little Gym, which is basically a version of organized chaos where they attempt to teach little ones gymnastics. She was terrified at first since there were 4 Dad's there...damn those Dad's, LOL. But then warmed up and ran around like she was lit on fire rolling and tumbling and drooling (if you don't know us Wells' well enough, trust me we all drool when we get excited...I think it's the big lips we inherited from our Dad).

I took down the Christmas tree while Joe was up snowboarding last weekend. It was wonderful to have it taken down however I am sure that I scared the neighbors by balancing on a chair on the stairs yanking with all my might to take apart the dang thing. I was covered in sweat, glitter and pride...a pretty good feeling.

I keep forgetting that I am pregnant so when the baby kicks it runs through my mind for a split second, holy cow I am probably going to crap myself with my stomach making those kind of motions.

My family and I went to the boat and RV show last weekend, thank goodness my credit looks like a Vietnam vet right now because I was sitting there thinking to myself...if I buy this boat and this fifth wheel I could stop on the way home and grab a new Chevy diesel and be set. While most people think that I must be joking...J knows better. She was with me on a Wal-Mart trip for snacks where I bought a hot tub on impulse. :-)


LauraSuz said...

This post is hilarious. It's very vivid writing. I love it.

jlynn said...

Ha, I do know... it was a good way to spend the morning.

Too bad we had to wait for them to forge the plastic in the fires of Mordor to get it. It took forever!

Although, I have to say I am about two more days like this one away from using by Bar None credit to buy a VW bus and just chucking it all and becoming a dirty hippie that follows OAR around. I could probably sell hemp necklaces and veggie burritos to survive.

Just a thought.