Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why we're fat....

So I have been giggling all morning about these statistics, this is why our country's waist lines are out of control.

* Most people break their New Year's Eve resolution within 4 days.
* 90 % of Americans believe they have healthy diets.
* 11 % believe they are overweight or obese.
* 68% of Americans are ACTUALLY overweight or obese.
* 60% say they eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables and believe that fruit snacks and fruit drinks (soda) count.

We are still sick in this house, a not so gentle reminder of our travels. But hopefully we will be right back to our normal selves here soon. Right now the sweet smell of Christmas has been replaced by the pungent odor of Vick's VapoRub. It poses an additional level of difficulty because Joe is the only one that can take any type of medication, while Austin and I just take turns coughing and wiping noses he appears at least when comfortably numb from DayQuil to be quite fine.

I am finding it increasingly hard to imagine our home without our Christmas tree, J and I have been talking about just decorating it to match the current holidays as they come, not sure that Joe is completely sold on the idea.


Anne said...

ugh. Sorry you're still sick. We are too.

I'm definitely keeping my fake mini tree up. I'm going to find or make some snowflake ornaments for it and then I'm going to decorate it for St. Valentine's...maybe it'll even last until St. Patrick's. Who knows?! Of course I haven't mentioned it to Peter yet... :o)

LauraSuz said...

I didn't know you guys were sick...Boo to that! Feel better soon!!