Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year...

Obviously the New Year brings an abundance of "newbies" to the gym each year. We watch as they painfully misuse the equipment while in their jeans and flip flops and slowly but surely the numbers trickle off to the die hards...all of which can be easily spotted on any given day by their correct use of machines. This has always been the standard in my life, the same as not realizing that you are out of milk until after you pour the cereal...until this morning. J and I hit the gym at 5 AM and while it did seem a bit busier it was full of the usuals but with a new zeal for life on their faces. Of course we did see the phenomenon of gym tackiness at 7 AM when we were leaving. So I have deducted in my infinite wisdom that if you'd like to make that New Year's resolution last just a bit longer...get up long before the sun does and drag yourself to the gym then. You can't possibly have any other plans at 5 AM, trust me I have tried to come up with them and it will keep you from coming up with the inevitable excuses.

I am pretty sure even those that hate gay people, love Ellen. Currently her show is playing in the background and she is actually attempting to have a normal conversation with Snookie. Of course since it's the New Year the conversation is about losing weight and Snookie working out. It is absolutely priceless to watch her in 8 inch heals attempt to show Ellen how to use a workout ball.

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LauraSuz said...

The Ellen Show is hilarious. I'll have to look up those clips on youtube.