Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You gotta love having kids...

So here's my top things I have noticed this week about being a Mom.

1. I get a giant black star for worst Mom of the week by allowing my child to smell like a foot. Not sure what happened, probably due to the milk she can't seem to keep in her mouth, but sure enough she smelt like a foot. Which Joe noticed and said "hey why does our daughter stink?" in front of our guests. I turned red with embarrassment and she got a bath. Guess who is going to be getting more baths until she can learn to keep the milk in her mouth? :-)
2. When you have kids you think about truly morbid things like "what if I die tomorrow?" or worse yet "what if everyone in my family dies tomorrow?". So I found myself writing out a will yesterday, I don't own much and I still think I am worth more alive then dead but I didn't want the state of Colorado to get my DVD's.
3. I have discovered that if my child screams her head off for a while she sleeps amazingly when she calms down, black star number 2...allowing my sweet child to scream while people look on like I am pinching her.
4. Small accomplishments like showering and vacuuming are truly triumphant.
5. Babies like to be up during the night and sleep during the day, Mom's like to sleep during the night and be up during the day....hmmm. Seems like this would pose a problem.
6. Oh yeah and to top it all off I still can't call myself a "Mom" to people out loud. Perhaps this is because I can't think of a more honorable job or because I am still not sure if I am ready to be a Mom (well that ship has sailed) but yeah it's still too hard to say.

Wow and it's only Wednesday!


Josh said...

Wow, this post takes me down memory lane. I've been there and done all that...even the "why does she smell like that?" moments...Welcome to the club, Mom!!!

Deb said...

You are sooooo funny! I do remember the stink though, my kids got waaaaaay to many baths cause I didn't like that smell. You're doing fine, you're a great mom, gold stars for you and for Joe! Love you :)