Friday, July 31, 2009

Thoughts for Friday

So I have been thinking about a few things but they weren't big enough for an entire post by themselves...but together here we go.

First while reading in one of my adventure magazines I came across an article about a time capsule that will be shot into space in the next two years and scheduled for reentry in 50 millennia (no need to Google that, it's 50 thousand years). The company sponsoring it has enclosed glass DVD's with enough storage on them for every person on earth (all 6 billion of us) to write something. Hmmm perplexing...what do you write to people 50,000 years from now. All I could think about is the movie Transformers, my motto at the safe house and Joe Rogan. So I came up with...

We are striving for peace but still have war. We aim to feed everyone but still have hunger. We hurt each other when we shouldn't. But we are learning and with every major catastrophe we unveil our compassion. Hopefully by your time we as a civilization laugh more than we cry.

And we don’t know who built the pyramids either. ;-)

If you would like to add something here's the website...

The Transformers saw us as a primitive civilization as will the people in the future so hopefully they have learned from our mistakes. But I do truly believe that our catastrophes show us our compassion, even the small ones take our good qualities and put them first. And my motto at the safe house when asked how you know when you are on the way to healing from years of abuse or what you are most proud of after standing on your own two feet is simply you laugh more than you cry. For anyone that has ever lived in an abusive situation you know that laughter is sparse and tears are power. Then there's Joe Rogan...I have to agree with the man. He's a comedian who cannot believe that ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, neither can I. Without machines it would have taken them millions of years to move those stones into place and that's not counting the fact that the precision needed to make them for all intents and purposes perfect probably was not done by people that believed that God Rah took the sun in a boat every night across the ocean so we couldn't see it anymore.

Secondly I am currently eating some toast on....wait for it....15 grain bread. Really?!?!? At what point are we going to max out the grain possible in bread. 7 grain bread used to be amazing, like you were eating enough grain to feed all of Africa for a day. But now 15 grain, that's double the amount of grain plus a friend. I hope I am not adding to starvation in third world countries by consuming toast for breakfast.

Third Joe left for Sturgis this morning...long story as to why I am not going too, so I will skip right to the part that I found humorous. I am going to start a "You know you are not a bad ass biker when" comedy skit. The first thing on my list would be, you know you are not a bad ass biker when you pack a sonicare tooth brush to Sturgis. I mean after all you ride with no helmet, always speeding, smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, drinking your body weight in alcohol...but gum health, now that's some serious shit. Gotta love it.

Fourth and final. I couldn't help but comment on this whole Beer Summit thing. Of course there is a huge part of me that knows this way a giant media stunt by the President...let's have a beer and discuss what happened. But when you think about it I have solved a lot of problems myself by having a beer and talking it out. I though it was genius, pull everyone involved around a table and make them talk. For those of you that don't read hours of news like I do, a lady driving by a home in Cambridge Massachusetts saw two men trying to open the front door. She called the police stating that she saw two men with darker skin perhaps even Hispanic trying to break into a house. Turns out they were black and one of them lived there, he a professor at Harvard. But when the cops got there they claimed he was being unruly and arrested him anyways. So the President when asked what he thought about the whole thing said the cop that arrested him acted stupidly. Did I mention that the cop was white? So now rather than being a misunderstanding it turned into a ugly race scholar arrested unjustly, white cop, black president calling the white cop stupid. By the way saying someone is acting stupidly is not the same as saying someone is stupid. In case you were wondering they have agreed to disagree at this point, which I don't understand but again I didn't get the whole race card anyway. So the funniest part about this that I read yesterday is that the owner of Samuel Adams beer is angry that no one at the table drank a beer that was made in America. Awesome! Why don't you get angry at Budweiser for selling out then (Budweiser is now owned by a company overseas), just because your beer isn't the King Of Beers doesn't make everyone else less patriotic for not drinking it.

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