Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Austin

Well time flies when you're having fun...or when you are feeding a baby ever 2 hours. I can't even tell you how many times I think to myself there's no way she is hungry she just ate, and then I think about it and sure enough at least 2 hours have passed. Days broken down by 2 hours fly by quick! Of course scattered with pages from work, wow I didn't miss that stupid thing waking me up every night.

I seem to be in trouble at work because I came back after 4 weeks rather than 6 or 12 like most people do. So now I need some doctor's note saying that I was ok to come back or they can't approve my paychecks...awesome! And truly how would my doctor know if I was ok to come back to work, it's not like she was checking on me. I suppose it is these kinds of rules that make women feel as though they were in fact sick when they had babies, why would I have not been able to come back to work the day afterwards...after I was tired then but am still tired now and I imagine will remain that way for the next 18 years. Maybe I should take the next decade off just to catch up on rest.

I have my 6 week appointment today so if all goes well I will be at the gym tomorrow! Yahoo! Of course I have this misconception in my mind that once I get clearance to go back to the gym the remaining baby weight along with the additional 50 pounds I have packed on since dating Joe will simply melt off. After all it is the last 2 months of not being able to step foot in a facility that will allow me to work out that would cause this fat to sit on me. I am choosing to stay this delusional until I am proven wrong if for no other reason than I REALLY like working out and I REALLY hate being fat. :-)

Yesteday while taking care of baby girl two of my little brothers walked in the door. Turns out Ryan, who used to live in Texas moved in with Tadd yesterday. Sweet! I love having more family around, they came over for dinner last night and immediately we started picking on Ryan who is now the youngest brother in the group (until Dane comes around at which point we will focus our efforts on him). I think younger siblings need to be picked on to some degree, I think it is payback for the times that us older siblings have to take care of them or worry about them. Perhaps we had a different childhood but everytime I pick on one of them I think about the time I bailed them out of trouble or the time I stood next to them in the hospital or picked up the tab because they couldn't. Yeppers I have earned the right to pick on them, only jokingly of course.

Oh and here are some pictures of the ever changing Austin. First of her Dad being able to feed her. Then of the gorgeous day in Colorado and her hanging out with us on the patio. The last one I was trying to catch her smiling at me (which she does all the time) and she made a face so I laughed at her and she made this sad face which of course only made me laugh more.


LauraSuz said...

Love the update and the pictures. Keep 'em coming!

Anne said...

So precious.

Ditto on the picture request!