Monday, July 13, 2009

Another weekend gone and another Monday here..

We had another wonderful weekend, Austin had her first "babysitter" I have to put it in quotes because my Mom insists that Grandmas don't count for babysitting so we could go out and play golf. I of course shot like I hadn't played in months but that's to be expected. It was nice to be out playing though and I only checked on her once. :-) We went out to Sushi when we got back to the Springs, I don't care much for it but because Joe likes it so much we go out and I eat chicken or beef teriyaki. And then on Sunday we had a birthday party to go to. Of course baby girl did wonderfully being passed around and loved on.

Here's pictures of her at Sushi, we sat in the tatami tables (sushi tables in the ground) so she could sit right next to us.


Anne said...

Loving the pictures. And hearing all about your life with little Austin. Glad you got to get out!

Barb said...

me too! I love that you can get out, especially if you leave my little princess with me!

LauraSuz said...

I'm happy about all that too but really I love Joe's hat.