Thursday, January 15, 2009


I love sunbeams, in fact I am absolutely positive I was a plant in a former life. This morning before the vampire boys get up and around I was able to get all of the all blinds up and let the sun treat the animals and I. We love it, of course by the time I come back from the gym I am sure the place will be closed back down into a tomb...but for now it's amazing.

Speaking of animals, they must be able to tell that I am a new mommy because they all gather around me at night while we are watching TV. And trust me if you have ever seen our living room and the small corner I sit in there is not enough room for me and my glass of water much less both dogs and cats, but we make it work.

For the mom's reading this, we built snow igloos out of sugar cubes last night at my family night. Turns out Elmer's school glue dissolves sugar cubes...good to know. Not sure how you are supposed to get them to stick, perhaps frosting but trust me when I tell you that glue with make it even more messy.

The first part of the year at work is always the busiest for me, the projects that everyone had forgotten about are now surfacing...well at least the ones not on other people's to do lists. Those projects on people's to do lists came up during the last week of December...thank you to all of those procrastinators out there. I am talking about all the projects that were only mentioned in meetings as "sure would be nice if...". Those are the ones that I am starting to work on now, at least I feel busy most of the time and that sure does help time pass.

And on one final note I was invited to a baby shower this weekend and in thinking about it, I haven't told one person who will be there that I am in fact pregnant too. Wow did I actually miss telling an entire group of friends that I have been close with for almost 10 years. Well that should be a nice awkward conversation when I am offered a glass of wine...I can hear it now "I am actually just about 2 months behind you...why didn't I bring it up before this, well you know how hard it is to write an email or pick up the phone, I mean nearly impossible." Perhaps I will skip the shower and deal with the awkward conversation when they see me at the store with a baby. :-)

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LauraSuz said...

I heard you can feel her move now!! That's the best feeling.