Monday, January 12, 2009


I am sure someone else reading this has seen the previews for the movie "Marley and Me" and I can assume much like J and I did they thought this would be a funny movie featuring a rambunctious dog. Wow, were we wrong! The movie is entirely too real to be funny, just two short hours later J and I walked out of the theater with our swollen faces and makeup stained t-shirts. Perhaps can I suggest to anyone that is looking for a funny movie that they turn first to a slapstick like "Four Christmases".

And the sadness continues, the Broncos just hired a new head coach. After firing Mike Shanahan who had 22 years invested with the Broncos organization they have chosen Josh McDaniels from the Patriots. Keep in mind McDaniels is only 32 and was previously the offensive coordinator for Patriots, so he has been sucking air for about as long as Shanahan has been coaching. All I can say for this young man is that he had better be good, look at every poor sap of a quarter back we have tried since John Elway...I am just saying in Colorado we make the shoes to fill, BIG. Good luck McDaniels!


Deb said...

Jenn and I also thought Marley and Me would be really funny, which it was for awhile. At the end was so sad, I know that it's real life but I'm really glad that I didn't take any little kids with me because they would not have understood. We were both crying and as we walked out of the movie I said " I'm glad we came to see it but I won't watch it again." I almost walked out at the end before it was over. I had read the book but it was not as sad as the movie. They really played it up and dragged it out.
Regarding our new coach, we can only wait and see. I was sad to see Shanahan go but maybe this will be the best thing they have done. Our Broncos have not been playing to their ability. We'll see what happens!

LauraSuz said...

Look at you bloggin' away!

I like it!

jlynn said...

I too am saddend by the news, but I am forced to hope for the best. The biggest problem I have is that he was an offensive coordinator and it's our defense that is having the trouble. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

PS Yeah, eyes are still a little puffy.

Rileah said...

Someone spray painted "the dog dies" on all the MARLY AND ME billboards out here in L.A.. Guess that person was pretty pissed when they went to see it:)