Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our New President

So this morning as if it were fate, I was paged to work at 4AM. I truly was not that excited about the new president taking over. Perhaps it is because the process takes so long but what ever the reason it was going to be a lack luster event today. And then while I was waiting on some processes to clear up with nothing better to do at 4AM I read my local paper.

Apparently there was a giant group of people that volunteered here in the Springs during the Obama campaign. Well yesterday Michelle Obama sent them an email asking these people if they have extra time on MLK Day to give back to the community. The city of Colorado Springs heard this loud and clear. Yesterday as if the city was taken over all of those volunteers poured into the city painting, cleaning and feeding our community. Everyone reading this knows how I feel about volunteering, needless to say I was encouraged by the new "first" family. My favorite quote from the news paper article was from one guy that said "change cannot happen from Washington down, it has to happen from the community up". I could not agree more. So yes I am actually excited about the new change in power, but for the first time it has nothing to do with my tax bracket.


jlynn said...

That's the "hope" that I keep talking about... I have hope.

LauraSuz said...

haha - tax bracket. I'm excited for the history part of it.

Barb said...

I'm so proud ..... (sniff, sniff). I guess I don't even really care WHY you've started to care about these things, I'm just glad you do. Yeah, I have hope too. That coming from a registered,ditw, Repub.