Friday, January 9, 2009

I Rode Mine In 2008!

That's what the patches say that you get in Sturgis when you ride your own bike there.

Yesterday it was 65 degrees in Colorado with motorcycles everywhere and it made me think about riding my bike. Just a few short years ago I was so terrified of motorcycles that I wouldn't drive in the same lane as them on the interstate. And then when Joe and I started dating all he would talk about is how amazing bikes were and that he wanted one again.

So for a Valentine's Day surprise I went and took a class on motorcycle riding along with getting my motorcycle license, I figured the best way to get over my fear was to understand what I was dealing with. After many stomach aches and even a nasty spill I passed the class and came home to Joe to let him know I was ready to try the back of a bike. Of course at this point I couldn't even imagine riding one of my own outside of the safety of my class but the back was going to suit me just fine. We needed a bike now, one big enough for both of us and one that I felt wouldn't break the Harley dealership we went. I explained to Joe I wasn't really buying him a bike instead I was enabling him to be my chauffeur.

It worked that way wonderfully for nearly a year and then I got the itch. What would it feel like to be on my own bike? We found one in the paper in great shape that we could just pay cash for and my parking lot learning commenced. After a year of riding around here I was finally ready to ride my bike to Sturgis. It is a 1300 mile round trip through weather and adverse road conditions. All of this keeping in mind that I had never passed someone in traffic nor had I even rode on the interstate. But I did it, the whole way. Yesterday reminded me how proud I was when I got home soaked to the bone because it had rained part of the way home but still wearing my smile.

I wish everyone reading this that kind of smile...the one that allows you to show how proud you are of yourself. :-D

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Barbara said...

OK, I was really proud that you accomplished that too, but I sure was scared for you! I hate it when you make me worry, but it's a mom thing. You'll get it soon enough. Love you!