Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Perhaps I was just raised differently. Wait scratch that, I WAS raised differently.

We just had a girl quit on our basketball team because "she wasn't happy". The only thing I can say about that is she must have seen how hard college and the military truly are. Let's not forget that the Air Force Academy is not only one of the best educations you can get, but also one of the only ones that doesn't come with a student loan but rather a career. Sure it's different, I mean hell you learn to fly planes that sounds a little different than what Colorado College has to offer. The issue I have with this particular player quitting is that it leaves us with only 6 girls on the team, unfortunately injuries are rampant on a college team. Which also means if we lose one more player our season is done. I can already imagine the conversation between my player that just quit and her parents "Oh honey, if it's too hard just come home...". Whereas my Mom would have said "Oh, suck it's hard."

On that note, all I have to say is thanks made a person that doesn't quit when times get hard.

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Barb said...

Thanks, what a sweet comment. It always makes me happy when some of the life lessons that I tried to get through - get through. In this case though, I should clarify. The end result was correct in that you didn't quit; however, the reasoning goes one step further. If you had called and told me how hard it was (and I'm sure it is hard) and how much you couldn't go any more (and she no doubt felt that way) what I would have told you is that "I know it's hard, but life's hard, and you're strong and capable, and this team is counting on you, and most of all - it's not about you, it's bigger than that." I think that everybody really wants to be a part of something bigger than they are, but yeah, its hard. Thanks for being an amazing role model for those young ladies. You make me proud. and.... you're welcome.