Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve!

I have so much to post about but most of it isn't very nice and back to my Mom's advice if you don't have anything nice to say...

But the few that I can't keep to myself.

1. I have found a new reason not to appreciate the "Make My Day Law". For those of you that don't know this law, it states that if someone is on your property against your wishes (i.e. breaking in to your home) you have the "right" to shoot them without being prosecuted. It has always bothered me to some degree that we as a country can argue so fiercely about killing an unborn child through abortion and executing a mass murderer through the death penalty, but when it comes to someone breaking into our home we have every right in the world to shoot them thus taking their lives. Does anyone reading this know how many hoops a police officer has to jump through after firing their weapon with or without a fatal shot, but again we as civilians can open fire without question. I know the age old saying that an armed society is a polite society but at what point do we still get to live our lives without fear that the guy driving next to us is going to open fire because I didn't use my blinker. The reason that I bring this up is because here in Colorado Springs we recently had a home owner shoot and kill a man in his early twenties for being in his back yard. Of course at first thought everyone assumed this young man was breaking in, but no he was just someone that had too much to drink at a football party and thought it was his house and he was trying to open up the back door. I have been this drunk before (not that I am proud of it), the kind where you can't even walk much less be asked what your address is and yet no one shot me. Of course we will never know if the home owner opened his door holding on to his gun and asked the stranger what he was doing, but I believe I am safe to assume that he did not...the slurred speech would have given away the intruders true intentions. So this day I say a little prayer for all of my friends after parties, please let us the DD's in the world know your address before we drop you off.

2. New Year's Eve resolution...I can't seem to come up with one. I gave up on weight loss ones years ago and it wouldn't help much this year anyways. Let's revisit some of my older resolutions, one year I resolved not to hand out my phone number at bars anymore (which made it so I didn't have to avoid my cell phone rings but it also made it so I didn't have a date for years...seems like a fair trade after all I pay for the cell service I should be able to pick it up at anytime). I have resolved to shovel the driveway after it snows after falling on my butt too many times to count from the ice mounds. Make my bed in the morning, keep my bathroom clean both of which have enabled me to feel slightly more like an adult. But this year I am drawing a blank, I suppose I have until midnight tonight to come up with one.

On a more positive note...Happy New Year's everyone, I wish we could be there to hug each and every one of you!


Anne said...

Wish you could be here, too! I haven't even thought about resolutions at all this year. Oh well! Instead of resolutions, I usually like to write out some sort of reflection of the past year for maybe I'll get to do that!

Happy New Years!!

Deb said...

Hi Crystal,
I know the feeling, I don't ever keep my resolutions either! I decided to say outloud that I will put the past behind me, forgive myself all past mistakes, forgive others for past mistakes and just go forward with the present and the future. That should help alot, I think when you dwell on the past, especially things that bothered or hurt you, it just gives you more of the same. What do you think?

Crystal said...

I absolutely believe that Deb, and couldn't have said it better!