Monday, December 15, 2008

Jeans...terrible Jeans.

So I decided I should buy a couple of pairs of new jeans (I haven't bought any in a while). Being that my waistline is growing with or without my permission I wanted to grab the size bigger so they will fit longer. Well that size of jeans is apparently the cutoff to morbidly obese. I put them on and they looked like clown pants, I would have to fold over the waist just to get them to be belt-able. Instead of having a couple of pairs that I could fit in for a while I opted for the non clown pants that will need to do some major aerobics to fit in here in a month. Grrr-eat, just what I need more clothes I have to stretch out just to wear. Needless to say I don't consider this a successful shopping day.


LauraSuz said...

Why not just get pregnant pants? You'll be showing before too long and they are comfy for a 16 hour car ride!

jlynn said...

It could have been worse... the clown pants could have been a necessity rather than just an option. See, bright side, you still fit in not circus pants.

Barb said...

I think you look terrific. Pregnant pants are sure easier, and since its winter, you could put big sweaters over them and they don't look too lame. Your other option is not buttoning the jeans, but thats awkward riding in the car. THey skooch (if thats a word). Oh, and J's right, the bright side is really bright! The clown pants did NOT fit! YOu're beautiful and I love you :) p.s. I hope they're having as much fun with you there as we would here!