Monday, December 1, 2008

I missed the month of November!

Wow, I just realized that I missed the entire month of November in the blog shameful.

So here are some updates...

We just got back from Mexico which was a wonderful time as always, and I managed to find plenty to do without scuba diving or drinking my body weight in Cervases. The boys went golfing several times, I opted out simply due to cost...after all it was the only thing on Joe's mind and for me it would have just been pretty cool. I did come along one day to take pictures and drive the cart.

It is officially winter here in Colorado, we got 10 inches of snow this weekend and are having firewood dropped off today. We went snowboarding one time before Mexico and while there wasn't very much snow on the ground it was still fun. I am not sure how many more times I will make it up though, my schedule is so busy and I only have until January 1st.

The pregnancy is still going along the same, which for those of you that don't ask me twice a day (thanks Mom) the answer is completely unnoticeable. I haven't gained weight, or been sick or any of the other adverse reactions that I read about in What to Expect When You're Expecting. In fact I was talking to one of my friends the other day and it feels more like I am preparing to get pregnant, like eating better, taking vitamins, and not drinking rather than already pregnant. I am completely thankful for this and could not even imagine how it would be different if I were sick or felt awful all the time like some of my friends have. I am just into my 4th month now and patiently waiting for the 5th month to find out the sex. We just got back all of our genetic tests and we have a 90% assurance that we will have a baby without a severe genetic disorder. Just one of the many things Joe and I have to be thankful for. I must admit that I am slightly taken back by the fact I can hide a melon (the current size of my uterus) and a navel orange (the size of the baby) in my midsection without gaining a notch on my belt.

Although as I am writing this I can think of one thing that has changed, I am so absentminded. In fact I just rebooted a server in the middle of the day for no reason...why because the button was sitting there, must have been entirely too tempting for my little fingers. I have to date dropped 4 entire bottles of condiments only to explode on my feet while Joe is watching asking if I am ok. The dishes aren't safe around me anymore because I just seem to let go of things, almost like I forget that I am holding on to them.

So that's an update on our lives here...I PROMISE to blog more this month. :-)


LauraSuz said...

Good! I missed your posts!

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Yay! I missed them too! :)

Barb said...

It just tickles me to read your blog posts. Even though I talk to you nearly each and every day, some days half a dozen times, I still love to read the blogs. I'm not too surprised that you've having an effortless pregnancy either, because it's just so 'you'. Sorry about the absentmindedness and the fact that your hands have developed a mind of their own, I don't know how to help that (mine never came back ... lol) I'm waiting for that weird period (this will make Anne giggle, cuz she just got through it) just before your due date, when you stand at the top of the stairs (any stairs) trying to find the best way to maneuver them since you can't actually see down them. hee hee . Have I mentioned how much I love you? .... Have I mentioned how wonderfully bizarre and awe inspiring it is to watch your baby having a baby?