Monday, December 29, 2008

Back in Colorado.

It's always bitter sweet to be back in Colorado especially when we leave Indiana. Home is home and the animals miss us terribly when we are gone, but being back in Indiana as often as we have been able to makes it another home back there. Which means I start taking it for granted, if we could just move Colorado and Indiana closer to each other.

We had an amazing trip and already miss everyone back there so much. It was awesome to be back for Christmas because everything was so well decorated and felt so cozy and warm. And we were able to make it to Joe's grandparents house for their annual Christmas Day celebration, I can't tell you how much family traditions mean to me. After just reading my Aunt's blog about missing my grandparents I am even more grateful for the trips we make to visit family.

On another note, we just started week 20 of my pregnancy. Crazy to think we are half way. When we were back in Indiana Laura and I would start talking about what a miracle it is to think we have human beings growing inside of us but then we would get too far involved in the thoughts and have to change the subject before we started crying.

I should get back to work...Hi to everyone back in our second home. We love and miss you! :-)


Anne said...

I've already started a letter to you but you know how that goes...who knows when it'll get finished!!

LauraSuz said...

I hope someday CO will feel like a second home to us!

You're definitely missed. I asked Dan what we're going to do now that you guys left and he said we always say that after you leave.