Thursday, June 8, 2017

More Summer fun....

Not only are we having fun this summer but we are also having a lot of fun with Summer.  I am trying (even though I am working) to do something fun for the kiddos each day.  Even if it's something little I think it will help in making their summer magical (and let's be honest I don't have that many more summer's with the bigs before they would rather do something with their friends).

Joe had the kiddos at home yesterday so I could go in for a meeting, but then I got off early enough to stop by swimming lessons.  The littles love playing with the blocks while the bigs swim.

Look at that "used to be too scared" Goose floating all by herself.

Chewy got this bunny for her birthday from Great Grandma (the girls dressed her up) and she loves to hug her.

I am not a big fan of the park, but it was available and we brought sandwiches and hung out with Carri and Summer.

This last weekend was Colorado's annual "you don't need a fishing license to fish" weekend.  So we took advantage of that and Joe's last little bit of patience and drug Summer and our kids to the lake to drown bait and snag sticks.  Of course we also needed to stop for lunch and dinner.

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