Monday, June 12, 2017

And now we're in Soccer.

Joe desperately wanted the girls to play baseball, since it's his love.  But I missed the signup deadline and we really wanted them to be in some kind of organized sports this year, so it looks like Black Forest Soccer is it.  I signed up with the thought that they would be playing against the same 12 kids all year but at least it's outside...turns out soccer is quite popular out here, with 220 kids playing.  Whoa!

This is one of Hunter's favorite places to stand and explore outside...the girls fairy gardens don't have much rhyme or reason to them after everyone "plays" with them but they sure enjoy it.

Look...the last of my babies in non-footy PJ's.  Whew, what a fast year this has been.

Soccer Orientation Clinic...the park is beautiful and only 5 minutes up the road from us.

Can you tell that I finally bailed her out of her stroller...that's a look of shear excitement there.


Laurasuz said...

That's great about soccer! I hope the girls love it.

I agree about this year flying by! Trying to soak up every bit of summer I can with my girls.

Anne said...

I hope you guys love soccer! I'm always doing a pros and cons in my head all throughout the season, but obviously the pros outweigh the cons because we keep going back!