Friday, June 2, 2017

Look where we ended up today...and being sleepy.

Zzzzz...that's me adjusting to my new self induced schedule.  I have never been given a schedule at work and to be honest I don't think they care when or where I work just that things get done.  Which for a Momma with four kiddos is the perfect schedule.  So I have decided to get up and going and logged on to work by 6AM so I am done around 3ish if I want or can take a longer lunch and stay on a little later.  I LOVE my new quiet time in the morning and get so much done with work that it's insane - take for instance myself and one other person on our team were given a project a week ago or so, we decided to split it in half equally...I am completely done with my half other than one or two items that I am waiting on answers about and the other teammate is about 10% done with theirs.  Give me two solid hours of quiet in the morning with nothing but coffee and I can literally rework the world, especially since it's too early to do housework because everyone else is sleeping.  I am not a morning person and it has been a tough two weeks while my body adjusts to waking up and getting going that early, but I think (since I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm this morning) it is finally starting to kick in.

With my new found time and freedom the kiddos and I decided to take advantage of a science presentation at the library today, we couldn't help but invite Summer and Carri along too.  The littles weren't paying very close attention but stayed quiet while the bigs were holding on to every last word this scientist was saying (who just happened to be a woman and made my heart happy).

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