Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More pictures...

The girls got fairy gardens for their birthdays from Tadd and Carri...they spend a great deal of time playing with and rearranging the items.

This face...look at how cute she is?!?!

Look who got a haircut...nearly held still for seconds at a time.  Joe did a fabulous job of wrangling him and getting it done.

Anne...you may never speak to me again...but this was my first trip to the library as an adult. :-(  There is a training website called Lynda.com that hosts a ton of technical training videos and I was going to have my work buy for me but then one of the guys that I work with pointed out that if you have a Pikes Peak Library district card you can take the training for free.  Well, that was apparently enough of a motivator to get me to go in there and while we're at it check some books out for the girls.  Obviously from the pictures the "littles" had a blast at the train table.

We officially have a 1st and 3rd grader.  Crazy huh?!?!? Here's Tyler's graduation ceremony.

Look at both of those faces...love them.

This is the view from in front of my office building.  With the Thunderbirds flying over for Air Force graduation.

Joe was home with the kiddos that day so he drove them up so they could watch the air show. 

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Anne said...

Haha! Taking four kids to the library is no joke!! I use the online reservation system more often than I take them all in, but how neat that you could get that training for free! And an airshow sounds awesome.