Tuesday, May 23, 2017

When in Vegas

When I was in Vegas I attended a talk given by the author of "Save the World & Make it Home for Dinner".  His talk was about gender synergy in the workplace and how you need both men and women to make companies successful.  He started off by saying that years ago he was hired on by a fortune 500 company to help with relationships within the company.  When he found himself standing in the hallway with a woman who buzzed past him, he stopped her and asked what she wanted.  She sighed and said I just want to save the world AND make it home for dinner.  He said that he realized at that moment how different men and women were and that in all of his years of working with powerful men at these companies most of them didn't care about making it home for dinner and none of them had ever said they wanted to save the world, more money, bigger house...sure.  Even taking better care of their own families but never the whole world.  At this point I already had tears in my eyes...yes this is exactly what I think everyday.  He went into some of the fascinating science between a pink brain (mostly found in women) and a blue brain (mostly found in men).  The pink brains are so much better at the two qualities that are making and breaking companies - multi tasking and empathy.  It was an hour of my life that flew by and will forever leave an impact on me, specifically in work...I will remain my pink brained self and be empathetic and multi-tasking and keep raising the bar.

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Anne said...

That sounds awesome. I'm glad you got to hear that talk and that it's still sitting with you days later. That's how you know it was a really good talk/article/etc. :)