Tuesday, June 7, 2016


We had two birthdays this month and boy did the girls have a ton of fun with them, of course Jackson gets included in most everything too so he loved it just as much.  Here's a photo dump of the excitement.

Austin's Birthday was on Saturday so we took them all to Bass Pro shops to bowl and check out the giant fishes!

Jackson is just about the cutest thing ever standing up there pointing at the fish as they swim by.

Bowling was super fun too, even Jackson got to roll them down.

Jackson wanted to finish petting the elk behind us but we made him sit still for a photo which lead to this great picture of my Mom with a crying Jackson on her lap.

J is back in town for a while so it's been awesome to have her around more and it gives me someone to expel some of my 10,000 words a day to. ;-)  Oh yeah and the guys bet Nate that he wouldn't shave for a year - while it's only for a $100 bucks apparently it's enough for Nate to grow that beard out.

Tyler wanted to jump in a bounce house for her birthday, when I looked online it was cheaper to buy this one than it was to rent one for the day.  It's not quite as big as the commercial ones, but for our little kiddos and in this case Uncle Wells and Summer it was plenty big. :-)  It was raining the day of the party so we were able to blow it up indoors and jump around in it.

 But outside is where I love it best, that way when Action Jackson fall out onto his head it's just the grass not the concrete of the basement.

We signed the kids up for swimming lessons at Tadd and Carri's neighborhood pool, apparently 30 minutes of crying because you are scared of the water makes Jackson very tired. ;-)

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