Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer fun!!!

This one thousand times over...I love summer time!!!

They are starting our roof today!

Our swing stopped working (possibly because Jackson would lean into it) so we borrowed Tadd and Carri's since little Hunter still loves it so much.  Look at the amazement on her face to see the mobile go around.

It's been hot here so pulling out the sprinkler is always fun.

We turned the old hot tub spot into a sand box for the kids.

So the big kids play in the sand and Hunter sleeps in the wagon.

We picked up Helen in Denver and Jackson got to watch his first movie facing forward while we waited for her.

After swimming lessons we went over to Tadd and Carri's house and ate pizza on the lawn.

Daddy's little helper spreading grass seed.

Hail storms have devastated my flowers, hopefully they will bounce back.

The girls got butterflies for their birthdays...they "hatched" and we set them free.

This face...boy do we love her!

Vacuuming the outside..that's a tough job!

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Anne said...

Yay for pictures!!! You've got some cute kids!