Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dating and Interviews

I was terrible at dating - this should come as no surprise to anyone.  I would agonize over whether or not the person was right for me...did they have the same goals and aspirations?  Did they like me as much or more than I liked them?  All of this before, after and during the date.  Then I would get home and start the unpacking of why they weren't right for me BUT I COULD make it work if they would just do this or that or change some how.  Followed by a nervous week of time, where if my phone rang I would think it was them and what would I say if it was?!?  Had they changed the obvious issues with themselves and I could now see them as someone that I could be with?  But the week would pass, my phone would be silent and by the two week mark it would ring true..."He's just not that into you."

This is EXACTLY what I am doing with job interviews now.  I have been on two face to face interviews all the while dissecting the company, the employees, the benefits, the time away from the kiddos only to have a week of silence followed by the thought "Holy Sh!T...they didn't even like me."  Luckily I have more self confidence in my older self than I used to, but it still stings.

If there was sound associated with this picture you would know that Jackson is actually laying there crying not sleeping.  Poor thing is getting the remaining canine teeth and they are driving him crazy.

Oh and this sweet girl...just look at that smile?!?!


Anne said...

Oh man I haven't interviewed in forever, but I do remember how exhausting it is!!! Here's hoping you find your perfect job match and soon.

Laurasuz said...

Just like in dating (and life for that matter), good things take time! Time is our friend. Keep on and it'll work out. love you!