Monday, June 27, 2016

More pictures.

The job hunt is still active and still a pain in my butt, no offers yet still interviewing and waiting.  Blah!  Here's more pictures of fun stuff though to keep my mind off the yucky stuff.

Our roof is all done, here's some shots of them working up there.

We went to the lake for the first time this season on Saturday, when the kids woke up they were so excited/nervous that they were wearing their life jackets while watching TV.

Joe's little mini me on the paddle board with Austin swimming along side.

Tyler took her job of keeping the Lily Pad close to the boat very seriously.

It was a big day for Hunter, who then slept on my lap for most of the evening.

Jackson's absolute favorite thing right now (besides his Dad who he idolizes) is the "Lawn Mow" so Joe goes real slow and let's him sit there and help...he doesn't move, talk or barely blink due to excitement.

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Laurasuz said...

I can't take the cutest of your kids!!! Seriously adorable babies!!