Monday, May 9, 2016


Wow does time fly these days?!?!?  I find it crazy that even jobless I do not have any additional time, apparently the time that I did spend at work is now filled with Hunter (if I look at it that way - it was a fantastic trade).  Now for pictures and updates, since without the pictures I can't even remember what happened this morning.

Hunter caught her second cold - awesome to have such sharing older siblings.  Poor little mouth breather. :-(

This kid - complete with his chocolate face - fast asleep in the car.

We managed to get nearly a foot of spring snow the other day - glad I haven't planted anything yet.

Jackson has what looks like a mole on his side so we went in to the dermatologist to have it looked at - chalk those people up to be the worst informed in the medical community.  He told me it was "probably just a mole" and I said yeah but since it showed up within a month or so and didn't go away the pediatrician was worried that maybe it was some kind of wart.  He looked at me and said - could be - let's treat it like it is.  So he applied wart medicine that wouldn't hurt even it was a mole - glad we waited for a specialist for that treatment. *Shaking my head*  But I sure thought he looked handsome at the doctor's office. :-)

The cat was checking Hunter out the other night and I thought it was too cute.

Austin and Tyler had a PTO sponsored Star Wars dance at their school the other day so the littles stayed home with me and the girls went with Joe to the dance.  Jackson spent his time eating BBQ chips and kissing his sister.

Goose was a little scared at the dance, apparently it was chaos complete with people dressed in scary costumes.

Hence the reason that she wasn't smiling in this picture.

Joe completely bailed me out on my Mother's Day gift to Carri and my Mom.  I wanted to make them these awesome fairy gardens with ponds. lights and everything (if you look closely there is bubbling water in that back pond) but since Hunter was in need of - well everything that a baby needs - I sat in the garage nursing her while Joe built these and got them all setup.  They turned out awesome and I am so grateful for his help.

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Anne said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL!! Glad Joe can be helpful!

And I don't blame Tyler at all. I'd have been terrified too!

Thanks for all the pictures of all your beautiful children. It's so good to see their faces.