Friday, April 22, 2016


First the not so happy updates since I would rather leave my blog on a positive note.

Verizon officially denied my maternity leave - stating the obvious "Yeah but you don't work for us anymore".  So while I was reassured that I would have that extra six weeks, I am not going to.  Today marks the first time in last 13 years that my calendar reminder popped up $$$Pay Day$$$ without me actually getting a paycheck.  It has been more difficult than I would have thought it would be, perhaps it is the lack of maternity leave that makes me sad or the lack of sleep or the addition of the extra hormones.  What ever the reason is, Joe is *slowly* learning to quit asking questions when I just stare at him blankly - since the next obvious thing that happens is that I start to cry.  I remind myself that I have spent a total of 31 days not working since I was 14 so I have no option not to just find another job but while I sit here thinking about it I bet conservatively I have applied for 100-200 jobs, 3 interviews and no offers.  This is kind of the way that technology jobs work - after all I would be responsible for one of the most important parts of their business - I have a much better chance of being hired on at a company because of a referral than just applying online like I have been.

The poor kids ALL four of them are sick right now.  Yeppers poor little 2 week old Hunter has her first cold thanks to the older plague carrying siblings.  She had a baby well check this morning to which my pediatrician said even while sick if she could come back as anything in the next life it would be one of my children.  How sweet was that?!?!? Although she's lucky that it didn't make me cry since everything else is.  Even while sick she is doing fantastic - weighing it at a whopping 7.4LBS (you know the size of a very small puppy - I swear she seems so breakable, perhaps because Action Jackson is always trying to "pet" her).

In fact this is Goose who came into my office feeling pretty puny and laid down on the chair and fell asleep.  Poor thing.

It has been nice here and there with some sprinkled in snow so we take advantage of the outdoors whenever we can.  Here are the kiddos (except for Hunter who is sleeping away peacefully in my sling carrier in this photo) searching for the salamander.

Sure enough that death wish creature came back this year, I am reminding the girls to keep her in the pond and just "observe" know with your eyes not hands. ;-)

Hunter's cold also brought on a diaper rash so she had her first bath (outside of the hospital) - look at that fluffy hair?!?!?

Oh my word.  Aunt Carri brought up a poke cake the other day - apparently Jackson believes this to be the BEST cake he has ever experienced.  He danced after every bite.


Anne said...

Oh my goodness the dancing!! So cute.

I'm so bummed to hear about the job situation. I was wondering about if you'd be applying, etc. I know nothing about current job searching, but I have heard being on Linked In is important. You're probably on it already.

I'm so grateful for the update. Still thinking about you all everyday and imagining how you're all adjusting to being a family of SIX!!

Laurasuz said...

Since I'm usually days behind checking into blogs I hope everyone is on the up and up now! Thinking of you all often and sending our love your way!