Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Remember that....

Remember that cloak of Mom guilt?!?!?  Well it officially swallowed me whole the other day.  Austin had field day complete with a "fancy" BBQ that everyone was supposed to attend on Friday...I bought the tickets and Goose was so excited to go and watch her sister.  Then one of the companies that I did a phone interview with wanted to meet me in person, the only time slot that they had left was during the BBQ.  So off I went, to the interview in my dress clothes that make me look like a lactating stuffed sausage. :-(  I suppose if I get a job where I work out of the house I might want to get used to the constant disappointment on my children's faces.  This week is Tyler's last week of pre-school and she is having a celebratory party on Thursday...another one of the phone interviews called back and wanted to meet during that.  I just couldn't do it - the cloak still felt so heavy from the last one.  Luckily they were able to reschedule for Friday afternoon.

Hunter is officially 6 weeks old today.  She seems so much older and younger at the same time.  She's bigger than she was but still so tiny compared to Jackson.

 Pictures never do babies justice...they look blotchy and red.  I love her little smiles and looks they just crack me up.

This little girl is always surrounded just like this picture...see how Jackson craft-fully goes directly for the soft spot?!?  That's a talent that only a one year old can posses. ;-)

I made cupcakes for Tyler's class for her pretend birthday (since her's is during the summer time and they won't be able to celebrate in class).  These bad dogs took me four attempts at the frosting and three attempts at the hearts that went on them...but the cloak was so heavy that I couldn't just give up and buy some from the store.  Someone told me that if I had more than just the two kids that I would "ease up some" or "relax a little"...whelp still waiting on that to happen, perhaps I am more of the run hard until I explode Mom.

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Laurasuz said...

The mother guilt is a hard cloak to not feel, although we feel it heavier than the kids do most the time I think! Hunter is precious and definitely looks like a Joe & Crystal baby. Thanks for posting!