Tuesday, April 5, 2016

12 days and counting...

Whelp guess who has two thumbs...cleaned the garage...cleared the flower beds...pressure washed the driveway and walkways...AND still has a dang baby on the inside?!?!?!

Someone (that doesn't know me) suggested that maybe I should take "a walk" to help induce labor...to which I literally snorted at.  I promise you that just because I have this giant belly I haven't taken a day off from anything - short of beer - insert tear here - in many months.

Although maybe this little girl will decide to fall out here tonight before my appointment in the morning.  Carole just got in and I am so relived to have someone around for the other kiddos, while we have quite the call tree set up it would take everyone some pretty serious travel time and arranging to get here in the middle of the night.  Which has made me Google things like "what to do if you deliver your baby at home".  You know just in case.

We even took Joe's truck (AKA the log wagon because it bounces so hard) to Denver on Saturday for a fancy lunch at Pappadeux's - our all time favorite sea food place.

Look at that little face at lunch - he clearly loved everything presented to him.

These two are always taking pictures together...probably because Jackson is always looking for his lap to sit in or crawl over.  


Anne said...

Glad Mom has arrived! Maybe it will work like magic for you like it did for me with Emma. Mom showed up and I went into labor that night! Here's hoping anyway!!

Laurasuz said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! He's just THE cutest!!