Thursday, April 14, 2016

Picture Drop

Again I come here to drop off pictures from the birth just so I don't lose them.  In no particular order.

The girls helping out with laundry while I was in the hospital.
 My Mom was able to be in the room for this birth since Marmee was at home with the other kiddos.  She was in the room for Austin too so I asked her if it was easier to watch for the fourth kid vs the which she held back tears and said they were both hard to watch me be in so much pain and know there is nothing that she can do to fix it.
 Biggest Sister Austin takes her job very seriously and constantly loves on and takes care of her younger siblings.
 This was literally a minute after I had her and the smile was utter relief that both doctors had finally taken their hands outta me.  Holy smokes was that some pain!  But just like my amazing body continues to impress me, the surge of endorphins directly afterwards makes all the pain vanish.
 When Hunter was born they put her on my chest and then left her there for nearly four hours.  In fact it was so long that I woke a sleeping Joe up on the couch and sent him home at 3AM so he would be there for the other kiddos if they needed anything.  Which means that Joe didn't get to hold her until the next morning when they all came back to meet her.
 Look at how fantastic that welcome wagon is.  And true to form Hunter was welcomed to the world on a perfect Colorado day just as all of her siblings have been.
 Marmee was amazing (at everything) but in this picture at having the big girls help with dinner.  They loved being so involved and working for the family.

 Uncle Tadd and Summer - Jackson thinks she's pretty awesome and will play with Tadd all day if you let him.

 Marmee took the big girls to the movies to watch Zootopia.

 Jackson LOVES to cook, so anytime you are doing anything near the stove he wants up so he can see what's going on.

 Aunt Carri and Uncle Tadd came over and made pizzas for us on Sunday.

 After her first bath...look at all that hair!
 She is the smiliest little baby right now (which probably just means that she has a lot of gas but I'll take it).

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Laurasuz said...

Thank you so much for all the pictures!! You have a beautiful life!! Love you all!