Monday, August 3, 2015

The waiting game.

And so it begins.  Since the unions did not sign the contract or strike on Sunday morning we start the waiting game.  Luckily I just put in my notice and chose to accept a layoff package rather than move to the east coast so I only have to wait around until March to see if they will strike at all.  Hopefully not, hopefully they know that Verizon was not going to back down this time, in fact they had all 15,000 of us ready to fly out and take over.  Unfortunately we all have to "leave our bags packed" in the event of a strike and fly to our new jobs within a day or so.

The news made for a stressful night, while I was ecstatic to not be leaving my family Sunday makes you feel sick to your stomach to know that you are merely a puppet in someone else's life.  When they say jump I have to ask how high.  Sigh.  

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