Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Screen time...

We have pretty steadfast rules on screen time in our home, usually right around one movie or one hour of programming a day.  Sometimes that is cut short because the girls play on the iPad in the mornings.  Both Joe and I would always rather have the kiddos outside exploring or in the basement riding their bikes or really about anything rather than just sucking up the TV.  What becomes VERY hard is to stick to that screen time rule when you have one infant (who still sleeps quite a bit), one big girl who is in school for seven hours a day and one four year old who is all by her lonesome. :-(  With me working and unable to "entertain" her, poor little Goose is just lost.  The first day after we dropped off Austin and came home she just went in the playroom and sat down and cried.  Which of course made me cry.  So while I am here and not in Pittsburgh my house is still sad.  I am beyond grateful that I am here for her to hang out as much as possible in between my calls and work.  But with everything going on and Austin being gone for so long, I am catching Goose grabbing the iPad and walking off to her playroom quite a bit...probably twice as much as she does when her sister is here.  I am trying to limit it still but when she gives me that look like, what would you like me to do instead it's pretty hard to come up with something.  I suppose the bright side to this is that I am overjoyed to have a bigger family and not an only child who wouldn't have a partner in crime any days.  Is it summer time yet? Blah!

Just look at that sad little Goose, trimming her nails in my office waiting patiently for her sister.

I had to setup the pack and play AKA "the cage" in my office.  Little guy is just too mobile if I leave him on the ground for any amount of time. At least when he is awake he provides Tyler with some entertainment.


Anne said...

Poor Miss Tyler Mae!! She'll be having her own fun at school soon!

I'm super strict about screen time too, but it's seems that fairly often there is something that comes up and they're on the screen more than I'd like. Especially Emma. I never would have given Charles anything with a screen at 2, but she's a pro at the kindle!!! Oops.

Thank goodness for playpens!

Laurasuz said...

I understand you Tyler!! I'm sure her and Jackson are getting some QT! Screen time is hard...I'm sure my kids watch too much but I try to limit it too.