Friday, August 28, 2015

Things I've noticed...

Having one kid is hard, like really hard.  While Goose is in preschool now, she only goes four days a week so on Fridays I still have her peering little eyes staring at me while I work.  The honest truth is that every time she leaves my office and it's quiet for a while I catch her doing something that she knows she isn't suppose to (ie. drawing with bathroom soap on the counters)...but part of me was/is just thankful for the small moments of peace.

Which brings me to...we go through a lot of bathroom soap.  Holy smokes, the girls must think the secret to life is in the bottom of those empty bottles.

I have to run the dishwasher after every meal.  We are a family of five and while it's still hard for me to wrap my head around that and for the most part I don't feel like a "big" family, perhaps it's because Jackson is still so small but we definitely get "the look" when we are out and about.  The other day at the grocery store an older women passed me on the way to the check out and smiled and said "Good luck."  I almost asked, luck for what...that my debit card goes through or that I didn't forget anything because I didn't make a list?  But I knew she saw the three children and just judged the living $hit out of me. **Shrugged Shoulders** - whatever!  I think the part that throws people off the most is the nose ring I wear, they automatically assume that I am too "punk" to be religious (which they may be right about) but then that confuses them as to why I would subject myself to the impoverished life style of three children.  One that must be complete chaos and unfulfilled to say the least.

Along with the dishwasher, I must do one load of laundry per day period.  Most days I even have to pull off two.  The amount of laundry in this household is intense.

Begging for work stinks.  I am out applying for jobs, some that I am overqualified for and some that I woefully under-qualified for.  All of which are so hard to convey on paper or email why you are so magnificent that they NEED to pick up the phone and give you a call.  Oh yeah and offer you the job and pay you a ton of money...blah.

Along with not sleeping for the last seven years, I have also not been sick for the last seven years.  Now keep in mind I have the same illnesses that everyone else in our home gets (like the current "Yay, we're back in school now head cold") but I am not allowed to be sick.  My plate is always so full that the thought of being one step behind makes me chuckle...and on that note I also can't take cold medicine since if I were cloudy things wouldn't get done either.  I just double down on vitamin C and hot sauce, in hopes that one or the other will chase the demons outta me.

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