Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Nesting...or so it feels.  I suppose when you know that you will be gone and everyone around you will be picking up your jobs, you try and make sure that everything is in it's place.  So I finally cleaned out the junk drawer, going through the kids clothes, painting the playroom.  You know...nesting.

While Joe was in Indiana visiting we went to the El Paso County fair.  Goose is finally just about brave enough to ride the rides.  She was trying to be so brave.

This little ham bone.  In the midst of my nesting we are also trying to ween him off of milk so frequently and get him to sleep through the night.  So he has been introduced to all new foods very quickly.  Here he is last night enjoying his first rib bone.


Anne said...

That smile!!

Anne said...

Also I think you're amazing!! As one who has been virtually incapacitated simply by having my routine thrown off, I'm amazed that you can paint a room in addition to how amazingly clean you already keep your house!!!!