Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wrapping up

November 28 - Today I am thankful for the lack of Black Friday interest in our home.  I refuse to participate in Black Friday, a merchandise holiday built around sales in which people get trampled.  The girls and I even needed several items from the grocery store and I wouldn't leave the house for them.  Luckily everyone that I surround myself with feels about the same way.

November 29 - Today I am thankful for Shop Small Saturday.  While I can't stand Black Friday, I LOVE Shop Small Saturday.  The girls and I (and whoever else we can wrangle up) head down to Manitou Springs and eat lunch and buy new Christmas ornaments.  This year we were able to convince Nate and Christine to join us and Joe even took the day off.  Although I believe Joe took the time off to be closer to me while at the end of this pregnancy.  It's been cute to watch the girls be so oblivious yet Joe and the animals HAVE to be right around me.  I feel very well monitored at all times. :-)

November 30 - Today I am thankful for our Christmas tree. I know it's just a tree and a fake one at that but it makes me so happy.  Two years ago all of the built in lights on the Christmas tree burnt out so we have to string it up with lights and while we threaten to buy a new one because of it, it has yet to happen.  This year is especially lovely to me...I am too wobbly to reach the top portion of the tree from the ladder so there isn't one ornament up there.  All of the breakable ones are at the mid section out of reach to the cats, dogs and small people and then there's the bottom section.  Oh my.  I won the battle this year with Joe and rather than having a tree decorated with any type of spacing in mind, I hung the breakables and then turned the girls loose with the rest.  We have some branches with a dozen or more ornaments on them.  It makes me chuckle to think about them.  Then since they aren't breakable at all, we have been letting them take them down, play with them and then re-decorate the tree at night.  It's perfect!

What a fun November it has been.  I love having tasks and completing them so being able to write one little blurb a day makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.  Obviously I am sitting here super pregnant (9 days over due - but who's counting) or most of you reading this would have at least received a text.  I thought about it and while this little guy was supposed to be a November baby, perhaps he is following in the last two generations of DiFabio men by making December his home.  We went in for our check up again yesterday and while everything looks just wonderful (he is measuring in at a whopping 8lbs 9 oz) they have officially scheduled me to be induced starting Thursday night with an anticipation of delivery on Friday.  Everything about this saddens me but at the same time I knew going in that if we got to these dates they would start insisting on things to move.  My biggest fear is that the induction will take too long and we will end up with a C-section.  Not only does the control freak in me loath the idea of being told what to do, just the thought of NEEDING help afterwards makes me sick to my stomach.  I am trying to stay super positive and use my next two days wisely...complete with scrubbing floors and jumping flat footed off table tops. ;-)

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Anne said...

haha - your last sentence!! I'm thinking of you ALL THE TIME!!! I can't wait to meet that little guy!