Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Time!

While it was neat to have off 6 weeks during the summer for the maternity leave with both girls...it is AMAZING to have off all of the Christmas season with Jackson.  Holy smokes, what did I do without all this time off in years past?

Jackson is doing just fantastic, although you can tell that the sneezing that his big sisters have been doing directly into his mouth is at least leading to a stuffy nose now.  Because of which we don't get much sleep but hey who's counting those hours at night. :-)

Here are some more pictures and a video that I didn't realize that I took...I think I was trying to take a picture but chose the wrong option.

This is where he is the happiest..sleeping on someone, which he does a lot of.
 Here's Jackson enjoying Austin's Christmas party at school.
 Austin was an EXTREMELY good big sister at her school party, never leaving Goose out for even a second.


Laurasuz said...

Okay. I see a ton of Austin, right?! Love the pictures. Here's hoping and wishing that you get just a tiny bit more sleep at night!

Anne said...

Preciousness. So glad your maternity leave is so well-timed.