Saturday, December 13, 2014

Picture Drop

I am literally just coming here to drop off some pictures real quick so they don't get lost.

Already forgetting how much labor and delivery hurts in this picture.
 Look at that perfect little boy. Scoring an 8 and then a 9 on his APGAR's.
 Just got home and sat down on the most amazing, soft couch in the world (well compared to the rock hard hospital beds).

 Gram and her kiddos, gotta love Tyler here...I think since Tadd was taking the picture she was being extra goofy.

 All of the December babies came home with giant stockings that they could fit in.
 This one might be my favorite, me and the kiddos.

 Look at that amazing December day in Colorado - what a great day to be born Jackson.
The girls requested headbands and necklaces from Gram to meet their brother for the first time, you know to look extra "fancy".
 Soaking in the Colorado sun first thing in the morning.
 I finally got around to asking specifically what makes our kids jaundice when born.  It's turn out that it is a ABO incompatibility.  Which means that my blood type is O+ the kids are B+ and Joe must be some kind of A or AB.  My O blood when mixed with their B blood during birth starts a process that breaks down their red blood cells and causes a slight kidney failure.  Obviously if not treated it could get much worse, but as long as we use UV lights (pictured here) to help the blood flush out the toxins and keep plenty of fluids in them, we can usually get them completely out of the weeds in less than a week.  Luckily Colorado is a state where they believe that a baby should stay with Momma all the time because in other states they require NICU stays for an ABO incompatibility.
 Look how little he looks compared to Joe's hands.
 Jackson's at home UV light bed.
 Which we put on the changing table to keep him up and away from dogs, cats, and sisters.

 Baking Joe his Sour Cream Apple pie for his birthday.

 I have officially run out of room in the largest SUV on the market.  This is my front seat after shopping for our Toy Drive party.  The back two rows are already full! WHOA!
 The lighting in this picture is horrible but I love how HUGE Kuma is compared to Jackson.
The girls were watching cartoons on the iPad this morning waiting for Jackson to wake up enough to eat.  Jackson is able to nurse - though it takes him a very long time in between falling asleep - but I have also been pumping a ton since I have so much milk.  What we don't freeze each day we'll feed to him in a bottle which of course Austin and Tyler love to do.
 Taking a rest in his co-sleeper in our bed while I took a shower.


Mary said...

Congratulations Joe and Crystal! Beautiful baby boy!

Don and Mary Grott

Anne said...

Ahhh!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for all the pictures!!! I love them all. And also they are killing me because I want to be there too and HOLD that beautiful new baby!!! Love!!

Laurasuz said...

Thank you for the photo dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks amazing and and the cutest and everything else good!!!

Love you guys!