Thursday, December 5, 2013

End of the month

November 26 - Today I am thankful for Joe, I could have dated or married a lot of different types of personalities but at the end of every day when we put the kids down I am so thankful that we like to hang out together.  Moving more into the country I could see how it would lonely very quickly if I didn't have someone to laugh with.  And most of the time he at least pretends to listen to my rants about daily news and happenings. :-)

November 27 - Today I am thankful that I am a light sleeper and can get up and down in the middle of the night without too many negative side effects.  Austin spent the night coughing, so I spent the night getting her water and cough drops and checking on her.  Joe has never taken the night shift but usually takes the morning shift so we work it out nicely, but if I were a deep sleeper I could see how it would be extremely hard to rarely have a full nights sleep.

November 28 - IT'S HERE!!!! My favorite time of year!!!!! I LOVE my family - my Mom and I got into some wine and pretty much fixed the world before Joe so kindly drove me home.  My parents have always taken in the stragglers too, which is probably where I get it Dane brought his new girlfriend, Tadd brought Carri, and of course Nate and we brought Adam and Heather...oh yeah and Kuma. :-)  From a quick count that is a total of at least 8 last names at one dinner table.  A kaleidoscope of family fun.

November 29 - I will do this one day early because I am doing the next one early too - Today I am thankful for Small Business Saturday, we did our yearly tradition and went to Manitou ate at The Keg and shopped to support small businesses.

November 30 - Today I am thankful for our friends helping me with a fantastic surprise birthday gift to Joe.  We took him to an indoor snowboard park and I have not seen him that happy in a long time.

The girls loved the trampolines at the snowboard park.

That blurry figure jumping into the air pit is Papa (George)...someone hasn't told him that he's 62. ;-)

Kelley getting ready to slide down the GIANT hill.

Dave taking his snowboard off the fake snow hill into the pit.

And we have been getting snow, the girls and the dogs love it!

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