Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I can't believe how fast December is flying by.  Holy smokes! Christmas is right around the corner and we are hosting this year.  I am super excited as always to be the host and have been creating the menu in my head for some time now.  We will have (if everyone can make it) close to 30 people here for dinner and games.  The boys won the Thanksgiving Trivial Pursuit game so the girls will have to step it up for what ever game we play that night.

 Here's some pictures of our happenings.

Kuma continues to get shock there, since he eats like a little horse.

We have a double front door now so I couldn't resist making two wreaths this year, I think they turned out well.

We had our annual Friends Thanksgiving Toy Drive this weekend.  Wow, what a success!  I lost count at 80 toys and these aren't just simple toys or all the same types of things.  There are all so different and so amazing, I can't wait to bring them to the Safe House on Thursday.


Anne said...

I love your wreaths, your dog, and your toy drive! You people are wonderful,and I wish I lived a wee bit closer!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the front door(s)...Murph